How to use new feature of pygwalker: share charts?

Update pygwalker

Update pygwalker to version 0.3.5.

pip install --upgrade pygwalker

Set your kanaries’s api key

Here are three ways to set you api key.

Set api key to your local environment variable

variable name: KANARIES_API_KEY

  • macos / linux

    echo 'export KANARIES_API_KEY="your api key"' >> ~/.zshrc


    echo 'export KANARIES_API_KEY="your api key"' >> ~/. bash_profile
  • windows

    setx KANARIES_API_KEY “<your api key>”

Set api key by invoking pygwalker function

from import GlobalVarManager

GlobalVarManager.set_kanaries_api_key("your api key")

Set api key by pygwalker conifg command

pygwalker config --set kanaries_token=your_api_key

Run walk

After you set api key, ui of pygwalker will add new icon of tool.

The sharing link for this demo is:

Manage your shares

Management website: Grahpic Walker Share

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